READISCA is Recruiting for SCA Research

READISCA is recruiting for SCA research in 18 study sites across the US. SCA1 and SCA3 participants are needed!

READISCA is a study to get ready for treatment trials that are anticipated within the next 5 years. The study will aid in clinical trial readiness for SCA1 and SCA3. The study is not a treatment trial.

Who is asked to participate?

  • Individuals with a  clinical or genetic diagnosis of spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 or type 3 (SCA1 or SCA3) 

  • Individuals with a first-degree relative that has a diagnosis of SCA1 or SCA3.

Participants should be in early or pre-symptomatic stages of the disease.

Main goals of the study

  • To establish the world’s largest group of early stage and symptomless SCA1 and SCA3 individuals.
  • To validate imaging signs in early stage and symptomless SCA1 and SCA3 individuals.
  • To adapt recent ndings to design clinical trials for spinocerebellar ataxias.

This research visit will likely take about half a day. Participants will be asked to return annually for the next five years

Research visit

We will draw blood and perform DNA testing to confirm the genetic diagnosis. If you wish to know your gene status, we will release the DNA results to your doctor or genetic counselor at no cost to you.
You will be asked about optional spinal fluid collection by spinal tap (you can say “no” but the spinal fluid is extremely important for developing new drugs for SCAs).

If qualified, you will be asked to participate in an imaging study using an MRI machine in Boston, Baltimore, Minneapolis or Gainesville (FL).

There will be no cost for participation, and all expenses will be paid.

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