European SCA3 project

The European SCA3 project is a multi-centre European project which is coordinated at the German Centre for neurodegenerative diseases in Bonn. This project has received funding of 1.6M euros from the EU Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Disease Research as a 3-year project.

The groups plan to bring together patients from a number of existing databases around the world, and to create one group with over 700 patients. The project involves seven centres from European countries (Germany, UK, Portugal and the Netherlands), plus some associated centres from outside of Europe (eg: Brazil, US).

The project plans to create a database with brain-imaging scans, standardised clinical assessments and blood samples from the patients, and will carry out a natural history study to assess how their conditions progress over the years.

This information will be very helpful in designing clinical trials to assess treatments.

Project partners:


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